Trackday 4 Starters TT-Circuit Assen


On April 30th, Trackdays4all is once again organising a Trackday 4 Starters at the famous TT-Circuit Assen.

Are you in possession of a motorcycle license and you want to ride on a circuit, but you are impressed by the high speed, the racing engines, the large groups, the high price and you are a little hesitant to be ‘cut loose’ on a MotoGP circuit?

Here’s our solution: our unique Track Day Riding Course. Trackdays 4 Starters.

For just € 229 Trackdays4all offers you a very pleasant and instructive track day on the TT-Circuit Assen. In a very casual atmosphere and with small groups, you will be taught the basic techniques of track driving by very experienced certified instructors/drivers.



Everyone who registers for the Trackday 4 Starters will receive for FREE all your personal action photos worth of €45 taken by professional photographer Ad Kievit of Wegrace Info, these will be sent to you digitally.


An introduction to the world-famous MotoGP Circuit Assen is really not needed. Every Motorsport fan has been to the ‘Cathedral of Motorsport’ at some point to watch the MotoGP, World Superbike and/or another event. The circuit is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the asphalt was renewed last year and as smooth as a billiard sheet.

For who?

The name Trackdays 4 Starters says it all; this is really for circuit riders at starting level. And who wouldn’t want to experience this: discover and learn the possibilities of you and your motorcycle in a responsible, safe way. Experienced riders have no place here, but did you ever ride in Assen or Zandvoort, and you found it really dangerous to ride in big groups at high speeds? Then you’ve come to the right place! In addition, after following our unique training, you will certainly benefit from it for the public road.

The type of motorcycle does not matter, you do not need to ride a racer, sports motorcycle or belly slide motorcycle. Any type of motorcycle is possible: sports, touring, all-road or a naked bike. Only with a shopper you will probably encounter issues with ground clearance.



By whom?

Trackday 4 Starters is organised by Trackdays4all, the organisation that has been organising track events at home and abroad since 1999. Instruction is provided by highly experienced certified instructors/drivers. Our instructors ride the latest Ducati’s such as the Panigale V4, V2 and Streetfighter V4.


How does it work?

At Trackday 4 Starters, we work with small groups per instructor and guide you both on and off the track.

What do you learn on such a day?

  • Riding the ideal line
  • Cornering technique
  • Sitting posture
  • Viewing technique
  • Braking technique
  • Throttle Control
  • All about suspension & tires

All these techniques are clearly explained and individually adjusted per person. The techniques are then put into practice. If you make quick progress, we will step in because our experienced instructors are used to giving instructions at each level. Trackdays 4 Starters instructors have performed at high (WC) level and are accredited to provide the course for a racing license.

Trackdays4starters_aanwijzing Trackdays4starters_uitleg

No bike? No problem! Rent-a-Racer
Now it’s possible exclusively at TRACKDAYS4ALL to rent a beautifull ‘race’ prepared Triumph Daytona 675 for a track day including petrol, tyres, brake pads, etc. etc. for 395 Euros all in per day. You just need to bring your leathers, boots, gloves, helmet and back protector and we take care of the rest!


Service with a capital S
RR Motorsports provides a repair, tyre and spare parts service during the Trackday 4 Starters. You can go there if you have a problem with your bike or for mounting, balancing and advice on tyres. You can also buy Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli tyres at very competitive (race) prices. The most common sizes are in stock, other sizes have to be ordered in advance. RR Motorsports also carries all kinds of parts such as clip-ons, brake pads, levers, oils, lubricants, fairing windows, motorbike mounts, etc, For more info or to order in advance see


What are the conditions for participating in the Trackday 4 Starters?

  • Protective clothing of leather or nylon with protection, full-face helmet (system helmet is also allowed), motorbike boots, motorbike gloves and back protector (loose or fixed in the motorbike suit)
  • Your motorbike should be in overall good condition and brake pads and tyres should not be worn. Headlight, rear light, indicators, mirrors must be removed or taped off
  • It is only allowed to ride with your original exhaust or with a replacement exhaust with DB-killer. The maximum permitted sound is 89dB(A)
  • Race bikes are not allowed
  • You ride on a circuit at your own risk and are in principle uninsured for damage to your motorbike. You need to ask your insurer whether you are insured
  • Only motorbikes that are ‘street legal’ are allowed. You must be able to ride it home as is, so no racing fairings etc.
  • You must have a valid driving licence A (so A1 and A2 are also allowed).



Additional rules electric motorbikes TT-Circuit Assen

  • The event participant must inform the TT-Circuit Assen at least 10 working days before the start about participation by electric vehicles and the number.
  • The use of so-called Energy Storage using lithium batteries for the purpose of temporarily creating peak power is not permitted.
  • Electric vehicles may not be stored or charged in a pit box. Only original charging cables may be used. One electric vehicle may be charged per power point on the paddock.
  • A person in the know (participant) must inform a Race Control staff member in the morning on how to act in case of incidents involving the electric vehicles. In the event of incidents, a person in the know must be available to advise or assist with salvage at Race Control or possibly on site.
  • The vehicle should be equipped with indicators (illuminated lights) indicating whether vehicle can be safely touched or not. The meaning of the different colours should be explained to the Race Control officer.
  • An electric vehicle has no access to the track without explicit permission from Race Control.
  • The user/team must have their own personal protective equipment/safety equipment available for paddock use such as an isolation mat for over the vehicle, safety mat for on the floor, safety tools, safety hook, at least 2 sets of insulated gloves and at least 1 special Lithium fire extinguisher of at least 9 litres (such as AVD).BOOK NOW…