Press release Corona crises TT-Circuit Assen

Hello everyone,

The government’s stricter measure to bring the Coronavirus under control, based on the RIVM’s
advice dated 23-03-2020 that all events with less than 100 people should also be banned until
Monday 1st of June, also hits the CRT organization and Trackdays4all organization very hard.
This creates a government-imposed situation of force majeure which causes the
CRT, CRExperience and OW Cup over the months of April and May has to postpone no less than
16 of its events or, in the worst case, cancel them.
Trackdays4all has to shift 2 events on the TT Circuit Assen in May or in the worst case cancel them.

TT Circuit Assen
The TT Circuit Assen has also been severely affected by the tightened measure.
Large international events will take place in April and May and due to the calendar of the
international organisations and the TT Circuit Assen, possible trips in 2020 are not self-evident.
This endangers our passion and hobby. Especially if this will take (too) long, it is expected that this
will have consequences for both organisations of track days and for the circuits themselves.

CRT and Trackdays4all
For the CRT and Trackdays4all this is a very hard and difficult time and we need to
make sure we get back on track with you. For the incredibly fun game of “circuit driving” we need
3 parties; you as a participant, the circuit and the organizer.
If one of these parties disappears, unfortunately the hobby is over.
CRT and Trackdays4all started out of a hobby, have a passion for motorsports, are willing to take
big financial risks to be able to practice our hobby together. However, these Corona-crises are of
such magnitude that we have to tackle them together with the circuits and participants within the
still existing possibilities.

CRT and Trackdays4all join forces in these Corona crises in close consultation with the TT Circuit
Assen to achieve the maximum for their customers. As soon as more information is available we
will let you know in a joint press release.
We hope you really understand the situation and are convinced that we will overcome the crisis
together and meet again soon at the circuit.

Kind regards and stay healthy!


Hennie Lentink                                                                         Jeroen Versteeg