Circuit des Ecuyers


For the 13th year on a row, Trackdays4all organizes a 2-day track event in 2021 at the beautiful race track of Circuit des Ecuyers.

We have claimed 2 fantastic days at the Ascension weekend of the 14th & 15th of May.

….And including time keeping with live timing for free!

These dates are perfect for a short (race)holiday in the beautiful Champagne region of France.

The new track of Ecuyers (since October 2007) becomes very populair by the riders because every year these track days are completly fully booked! With a length of 3500 meter and no less than 17 curves, this is a very technical and challenging track (it has been compared by participants with a giant rollercoaster!). Perfect for practice track riding or get some training. Circuit des Ecuyers has got everything: from short technical parts to extremely fast cork screws and small height differences. Furthermore, the circuit is very safe and conveniently arranged with good gravel beds.


All participants are divided into groups, corresponding to their speed and experience: there will be a beginners group, an advanced group(s) and a fast group. At Trackdays4all you’ll get free riding sessions! So you don’t have to ride behind an instructor.

There is a sound limit of 95 DB; this is a quite larger norm (+ 7 DB) comparing to Holland but please make sure your bike is not exceptionally noisy; therefore no open racing exhaust without DB-killer are allowed!

 Ecuyers_groep Ecuyers_3


On the paddock are toilets, showers and electricity. Camping and staying overnight is possible from Friday 19:00 to Sunday 18:00 at the (small) paddock and the parking lot near the circuit; there are no toilets/showers and no electricity on the parking lot! The circuit and paddock are closed off in the evening hours and at night. We recommend to stay in a hotel or chambres des hotes, its very cheap and there are plenty nearby. Please click on this web link for all the hotels and B & B’s in the surroundings of the circuit:

Rent a pit box. It’s possible to rent a pit box for 2 days . They are 40m2, so big enough for appr. 10 motorbikes, and provided with electricity and closable doors. The price for the whole pit box is 380 Euros for 2 days.  There are only 3 pit boxes available!

The circuit is located near the cosy historical town of Chateau Thierry, between Reims and Paris, 150 km from the Belgium border and 250 km from Calais.

Test the ALL NEW Ducati Streetfighter V4, Panigale V4 and V2 yourself.
We are the first who will get the all new spectacular Ducati Streetfighter V4, Panigale V4 and V2 and you can make a test ride on the track for free at all the events of Trackdays4all. Pay attention: you’ll have to pay a deposit of 1.000,- Euros for possible crashes or damaging the motor bike.


Personal Coaching
For everyone who wants to make progression during this track event, we developed an exclusive coaching method which is done by using video data. The personal coaching is given by former World SBK riders like Kevin Valk, Ronald ter Braake, Ron van Steenbergen and Ghisbert van Ginhoven. The costs per day are 175 Euros; this includes your personal film images. This does not include the registration fee. Click for more information.


No (race) bike? No problem! Rent-a-Racer
Now it’s possible exclusively at TRACKDAYS4ALL to rent a beautifull ‘race’ prepared Triumph Daytona 675 for a track day including petrol, tyres, brake pads, etc. etc. for 375 Euros all in per day. You just need to bring your leathers, boots, gloves, helmet and back protector and we take care of the rest!


Race Service at Ecuyers
Our Race Service will be available during the whole event. You can come by for mounting, balancing or consulting about tires. We also sell tires from Pirelli at very attractive (racing) prices. Most of the tyre sizes are kept in stock; divergent sizes must be ordered in advance. The racing service also can provide other items like for instance the following: clip-ons, brake pads, handles, oils, lubricants, racing screens, paddock stands, and so much more….!
FREE mounting and balancing if you buy your tires at the track! 


There is a caterer on the paddock present who serves warm and cold drinks, sandwiches and hot food.

The closest fuel station is about 5 km away, so bring jerry cans.

Ad Kievit from Wegrace Info is joining us again to shoot your action pictures. These pictures can be ordered there and will be sent to your home address.

– 2 days; Friday the 14th & Saturday the 15th of May = 249 Euros
– Personal coaching 1 day = 175 Euros (FULLY BOOKED)
– Pit box 2 days = 380 Euros (FULLY BOOKED)
– Renting a Triumph 675 Daytona for 2 days = 750 Euros (FULLY BOOKED)


Specification Circuit des Ecuyers
– Length : 3,5 km
– Width: 10-12 meter
– Paddock: 1.500 m2
– Marshalls, practitioner and ambulance available
– Situated between Reims and Paris, 250 km from Calais (Dover) and 150 km from the Belgium border

Ferme de Fary
Tel. +33(0)3 23 70 98 61
Fax +33(0)3 23 71 44 89