Track Days Assen 2024


In 2024 Trackdays4all organizes fantastic track days on on the famous MotoGP track of Assen. For only 249 Euros you can ride 5 sessies a day including time keeping and photos for free.

The dates are:

  • 4th of June (FULLY BOOKED)
  • 11th of July (FULLY BOOKED)
  • 26th of August (FULLY BOOKED)
  • 1st of October

…And including:

  • Photos for FREE to the value of 45 Euros
  • Time keeping for FREE
  • FREE suspension check by HK Suspension
  • FREE repare service of your bike

Other rates/options:

  • Whole pitbox (up to 8 motorbikes) = 135 Euros
  • Place in a shared pit box = 45 Euros
  • Personal video coaching = 189 Euros
  • Triumph Daytona 675 rental = 395 Euros (Check availability on entry form)


Everyone who signs up for this track day will receive all the pictures of him/her that are made by Ad Kievit of Wegrace Info, FOR FREE! Your digital photos will be sent to you by WeTransfer. A gift of 45 euros for our (loyal) customers!

Registration is open for recreational riders and licence holders. All participants are divided into groups, corresponding to their speed and experience: there will be a beginners group, an advanced groups and a fast group for licence holders, who will be able to entirely prepare themselves for the coming racing season.

Pay attention!!! There is a maximum noise limit of 101 DB. Please come with your standard exhaust or mount a DB-killer in your exhaust.


Personal Coaching
For everyone who wants to make progression during this track event, we developed an exclusive coaching method which is done by using video data. The personal coaching is given by former World SBK and MotoGP riders like Bryan Schouten, Ronald ter Braake, Tony Covena and Ghisbert van Ginhoven. The costs per day are 189 Euros; this includes your personal film images. This does not include the registration fee. Click for more information.


No (race) bike? No problem! Rent-a-Racer
Now it’s possible exclusively at TRACKDAYS4ALL to rent a beautifull ‘race’ prepared Triumph Daytona 675 for a track day including petrol, tyres, brake pads, etc. etc. for 395 Euros all in per day. You just need to bring your leathers, boots, gloves, helmet and back protector and we take care of the rest! Check for availabilty at the booking page

Tyre and spare parts service
RR Motorsports provides the tyre and spare parts service during all Trackdays4all track days. You can go there for mounting, balancing and advice on tyres. You can also buy Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli tyres at very competitive (race) prices. The most common sizes are in stock, other sizes have to be ordered in advance. RR Motorsports also carries all kinds of parts such as clip-ons, brake pads, levers, oils, lubricants, fairing windows, motorbike mounts, etc, For more info or to order in advance see


Suspension service
HK Suspension
 (Öhlins & Wilbers Suspension) will be available during the day. They can adjust your suspension perfectly!

Pit Boxes or place in a pit box
You can rent a pit box or place in a pit box via Trackdays4all.

The restaurant on the paddock is open

The fuel station at the track is only opened via the payment terminal and payments should be made without contact as much as possible.

Everyone who signs up for this track day will receive all the pictures of him/her that are made by Ad Kievit of Wegrace Info, FOR FREE! Your digital photos will be sent to you by WeTransfer. A gift of 40 euros for our (loyal) customers!

It’s required to wear an approved helmet, leathers, gloves, motorcycle boots and back protector.

General rules paddock
It is not allowed to bring pets and there is a speed limit of 15 km/h on the paddock for each motorized vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, quads, etc.). Pocketbikes are not allowed and persons under 12 years old are not allowed to drive a motorized vehicle. The Dutch traffic regulations and road signs apply to the paddock.